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There had been a recent Hoohah surrounding a certain DJ (Glen Ong) who had expressed his concerns about "Mad" people being allowed to be in the community, where they could be dangerous. Although such comments were uncalled for, I also wonder whether this is actually unexpressed sentiments of most members of the public who feel that those with mental illness may pose safety risks to others in the community.

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Mentally challenged individuals have been oppressed by the society for a long time. Some are very obvious about it; some are not. Either way, they have been misjudged and ridiculed for being different. It is an ugly truth that we have to face. If only there's a way to change the norms.

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While imagined oppression is a not a mental disorder in its own right, it can be a resulting symptom of a more serious disorder that is defined by the medical psychology community. Having delusions of oppression or persecution can go hand-in-hand with known mental conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

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The result is that there is sufficient proof about what works and what does not. It is inevitable that politicians like the Republicans would like to scrap the former and promote that which doesn't work. The latest is a bad plan of Mitt Romney that he announced on Veteran's Day -partial privatization of VHA or Veteran's Health Administration.


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Some people think that oppression doesn't apply to them. Others deal with it on 'a daily basis.

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